Work Permits in Gabon

People planning to work in Gabon will require a work permit. The employers apply for a work permit on behalf of the foreign employee, who therefore needs to have a job position before moving to the country.  As an expat, be aware that local workers have priority and only in case of lack of Gabonese suitable workers, a foreigner can be employed.

For working in Gabon for more than three months, you must have a residency permit as well as an authorization of the Labor Ministry.

A temporary work visa is granted to expats working in some specific organizations.

Fees charges goes to $1000

It is valid for a year, after which you will have to renew it. Most employers will take care of renewing this process.

Required Documents

  • Valid passport
  • Seven passport photos
  • Two copies of employers incorporation contract
  • Two copies of Tax ID card
  • Two copies of academic qualifications (university degrees etc.)
  • Copy of commercial register from employer
  • Licences required for practising profession
  • Letter from employer detailing why it was necessary to hire a foreigner
  • Approval from relevant authority related to profession
  • A representative from employer who will sponsor the work permit
  • Negative HIV test
  • Approval from State Security organ in Gabon
Country : Gabon
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